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Barlestone Parish Council

Serving the people of Barlestone

Clerk: Marilyn Symonds
126 Newbold Road, Barlestone
Nuneaton CV13 0DT

Tel: 01455 293045

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Welcome to the website for Barlestone Parish Council.

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URGENT: Bosworth Road Sports Ground Works - as anyone visiting the park/bowls club will know there are significant building works in progress working on the groundworks for the new village hall. I apologise for the length of this post but it is IMPORTANT... Safety fencing has been put in place to segregate the works from the public and whilst this might cause some inconvenience, it is a necessary part of keeping everyone safe. Some of the clips which hold the fencing in place have been removed at the Avondale Road entrance and other parts which means the fence becomes insecure; some was also untied from where it met the wooden fence at the Bosworth Road pedestrian entrance last night/this morning which meant it was also unsafe. PLEASE - this is a SAFETY issue... there is heavy machinery working during the weekdays which would easily kill or maim someone if it inadvertently hit them... it also leaves the site unsecured which means that children (and some less than wise adults) could easily hurt themselves at any time by falling into the groundworks or harming themselves on other machinery, bricks, etc. The pedestrian entrance from Bosworth Road will be open over the coming weekend but the pedestrian entrance from Avondale Road will remain closed. All residents in adjoining roads received a letter from the Parish Council explaining the situation prior to the works commencing and relevant notices have been on noticeboards apologising for the inconvenience and explaining what was happening. More »

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Wed, 02 Aug 2017 14:02 by Marilyn Symonds