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Barlestone Parish Council

Serving the people of Barlestone

Clerk: Marilyn Symonds
126 Newbold Road, Barlestone
Nuneaton CV13 0DT

Tel: 01455 293045

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Welcome to the website for Barlestone Parish Council.

Latest News

Citizen of the Year

Barlestone Citizen of the Year 2016
This year the Parish Council have awarded this to Revd. John Downs in recognition of his work over the years with and for the Community of Barlestone and for reviving St. Giles Church with his particular style of Ministry. Presentation to Revd. Downs at the Parish Council meeting 8th February at 7 pm.

Fri, 03 Feb 2017 13:40 by Marilyn Symonds

Parking in Barlestone

A number of residents were present at The Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 9th November 2016 to discuss the parking problems still ongoing in the village, some in spite of double yellow lines

On speaking to a lady at County Hall re the parking on the yellow lines – this is the gist of what she said

  • Yellow lines are enforceable at all times, control by Civil enforcement officers but unfortunately Barlestone is not on a route due to the fact we do not have many double yellows, these officers finish at 5.30 pm
  • A vehicle that is loading or unloading is ok to park
  • A vehicle that has a disabled driver or passenger can park for 3 hours
  • If the owner of a persisting offending vehicle can be identified and forwarded to LCC, they then will issue a warning.
  • LCC do not have the authority to acquire vehicle owners details via DVLA, so to report an offence the P/C must first write to the owner and inform them of the offence they are committing and that enforcement procedures will follow if the illegal parking continues. Copies of letters together with photographic evidence can then be forwarded to LCC. if necessary.

The residents were concerned also about inconsiderate parking in other areas around the village and were worried about a possible accident due to this practice. It was emphasised that should a serious accident occur due to the dangerous parking then the owner of the parked car could be taken to court.

Wed, 09 Nov 2016 19:00 by Jackie Roberts

Playing field - update

Barlestone Parish Council are well on the way to begin another phase of providing the village with a New Village Hall.
It has been a complicated and frustrating journey to arrive at this position of securing final funding for the project.

To adhere to the conditions laid down by The Charity Commission, The Parish Council who are custodian trustees of the old Village Hall, and the old Village Hall management committee are legally bound to use any money from the sale of the hall to build a replacement if it were ever sold, and that is what we are now doing.

This is an idea of the process we are going through.

1 Planning permission had to be obtained for the old hall site.
2 The old village hall had to be prepared for sale by negotiating with estate agents and auctioneers.
3 Temporary premises had to be found for our regular users.
4 After the auction sale the hall had to be emptied of any contents that we might need in the future.
5 A container to accommodate the contents of the hall was purchased and sited in the pavilion car park.
6 A team of volunteers transferred all of the contents from the old hall to the container.
7 An architect was appointed to draw up plans and oversee the construction of the new hall.
8 Planning permission for the new hall was obtained from HBBC.
9 Many meetings have taken place with the council, the village hall committee and the architect to agree the best way forward.
10 Numerous emails have been exchanged between the council and the Charity Commission who have advised us throughout the process.
11 Obstacles regarding Parish Council funding have had to be overcome.
12 Decisions have been taken regarding The Barlestone Community Development Trust and the money they are holding after the withdrawal of funding by LCC for the School Community Building.
13 A meeting was held to agree to amalgamate the Village Hall Charity with The Barlestone Community Development Trust which was overseen by The Charity Commissioners.
14 A decision was made to use the BCDT money of around £37k together with the £92k from the sale of the old Village Hall to help finance the construction of the new hall.
15 Consultants, Topographic & Drainage Surveyors, Structural Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Energy Assessors & Quantity Surveyors have all been met when visiting the site.
16 Invoices have been received, floor coverings, wall coverings, light fittings, outside cladding, solar energy fittings have all been chosen.
17 We are in the process of receiving final costings which when received will enable us to fine tune our finance options.

Keep checking our website for more updates.