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Barlestone Parish Council

Serving the people of Barlestone

Clerk: Marilyn Symonds
126 Newbold Road, Barlestone
Nuneaton CV13 0DT

Tel: 01455 293045


The key to having a Neighbourhood Plan is that it provides a body of evidence for what the stakeholders in our village community want, and do not want, to see for our community's future. It also promotes transparency between the Parish Council and the Borough Council and also between both Councils and the community.

Whilst it does consider housing and other development, there can also be many other aspects which it can encompass. It adds weight to any input the community wants to make on development proposals, and whilst it cannot be guaranteed to overturn undesirable proposals, it will be taken into account by Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council in any future decisions they make. For example, a desire that any community development must be sustainable which means that the necessary facilities should considered, such as impacts on schools, doctors, traffic, etc. It can also include aspirational projects such as parking, new facilities, employment opportunities, conservation areas, etc which form supplements to the main plan.

It is important that all community stakeholders are part of the consultation and buy into the resulting plan, this includes residents, businesses, schools, sports groups, clubs and land owners. This will involve many different ways to engage with the process, not just public meetings like the one held this week. We need to ensure that all sections of our community have the opportunity to voice their feelings, especially (but not exclusively) the younger community who will be impacted by longer term plans. One example given this week was a desire by children to "grow up, get married and live in the village" – appropriate plans need to be put in place to help this to happen.

Mrs. Watkins attended a meeting on the 2nd March at Newbold Verdon.

John Preston from the RCC attended and refreshed (or introduced to some) the Neighbourhood Development Planning process.

Barlestone Neighbourhood Plan

Notes from the Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 2nd March 2017

We need to apply to designate the Barlestone Parish as our area to be covered. Cathie read out an email from Osbaston Parish Council declining to take part in the planning process and refusing permission for us to annexe the portion of Osbaston attached to Barlestone (Curtis Way and the top end of Barton Road) despite it being within the same settlement boundary as defined by H&BBC. All present couldn't understand the logic but we will now have to stick within our own Parish boundary.

The Leicestershire Neighbourhood Planning Network are providing an opportunity for Neighbourhood Planning groups within Leicestershire to come together and share their experiences, knowledge and skills. This event may be interesting and all are welcome. There will be a number of officers attending from H&BBC

Cathie passed around maps but they were only on A4 paper so quite hard to read. Stuart offered to produce some larger one so Cathie will email him the files so we can look at them more easily at the next meeting.

Our NDP will cover the period up to 2036 but the actual detail may cover phases of proposed development rather than all in a single hit which will be more beneficial to us.

Newbold Verdon tagged their community questions onto the Housing Needs survey rather than doing their own. The contact was Richard Muggleton and Cathie will try to investigate further before the next meeting. The links already forged with the Newbold Verdon NDP people are very useful and will be continuing.

This group (steering committee) need to be a sub-committee of the Parish Council and will need to have a Terms of Reference and some structure such as a chairperson and notes taker. A draft Terms of Reference is attached.

The next meeting will be at the Pavilion on the Bosworth Road Sports Ground starting at 8 pm on Thursday 6th April just to update you on progress. I will also make a public appeal for more helpers so you may see this again...

To volunteer contact…

Marilyn Symonds: 01455 293045 or bpc@barlestone.plus.com

Cathie Watkins: 01455 292957 or cathiewatkins@btinternet.com