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Parking Issues

Parking Issues

As a rule, Police don't get involved with civil matters such as parking; however, we are always happy to assist our partner agencies in the first instance by offering words of advice or, in some cases, having the vehicle removed.

Reasons we may remove a vehicle: -

🚨Vehicles that are parked on a junction or bend, impeding other drivers or pedestrians view of oncoming traffic

🚨Vehicles that are parked on the pavement and cause an obstruction by not allowing safe space for pedestrians to pass. We use a pushchair or wheelchair as a rule of thumb to gauge whether there is sufficient space.

🚨 Vehicles that are "double parked" and restricting access for emergency vehicles, or restricting other vehicles being able to leave their property.

🚔 Please take a second to think when parking your vehicle. If your vehicle is parked dangerously, Police are likely to attend and, if we can't locate the owner quickly or the owner is not willing to move the vehicle, we will arrange for our own recovery agent to come and remove it. Doing this not only ties up one or more Police officers but will also incur a fee for the legal owner of the offending vehicle. These fees include a removal fee as well as a storage fee, charged at a daily rate. 🚔

Posted: Wed, 09 Mar 2022 12:50 by Marilyn Symonds

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